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Jazz Projects


The Evolution 4et


Vinny Valentino    Guitar

John Benitez        Bass

Bob Franceschini   Sax

Maurizio Spista     Drums

The Jazz Fusion project  “ Evolution 4et “  is  the realization of the Artistic meeting of Maurizio Spista with Vinny Valentino,  Involving  also John Benitez and Bob Franceschini .
  This  collaboration gave rise to the  first realize  of an EP  with original tunes of genre Jazz fusion ,composed and arranged by Vinny Valentino and Maurizio Spista

The Original  tunes of   "Evolution 4et "  Project , immediately put in evidence the particular musical expression , sound and groove personal of the musicians that blend together to  create a right  rhythmic musical mix, rich of tones,colors and  dynamics really interesting  .Elements therefore  that draw and give rise a form  in to the  continue Evolution of musical ideas, rhythmic and Harmonic  cues , and  jazz funk grooves with particular music feeling , able to capture the attention of  listening audience .

Jazz Groove Hammond trio 

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